Cultivating Resilience in Difficult Times: Four Week Course

These are truly difficult times that we live in, especially in 2020. We have felt these stressors on a global level through the wide spread of COVID-19, economic and occupational stress, loss and grief, social isolation, and natural disasters. Regardless of how much resilience and coping skills we may have had before 2020, many of us have been left feeling in a daze, traumatized, stressed, feeling a roller coaster of emotions, and/or isolated. This level of stress starts to impact our sleep, appetite, immune system, mood, anxiety and worry, and signs of physical pain and fatigue.

After participating in this 4-Week Course, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn principles of Mindfulness in daily life
  • Understand impact of stress, importance of cultivating resilience and the science behind it
  • Connection of stress on the body and how to begin healing
  • Practice Positive Coping Skills in daily life
    Handle difficult emotions with greater ease using RAIN Program
  • Learning to let go and cultivate courage

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